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The Atlanta Falcons should turn their attention to the young guys on the roster.
Now that the Atlanta Falcons have officially been eliminated from the 2020 NFL playoffs, it is time to that they start looking at the future and start to determine who can help them turn this ship around.

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Obviously, veterans like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Grady Jarrett, and Deion Jones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but what about several other young players on this roster? If the next regime is going to fully evaluate the men on this roster, they should at least have some sort of film.

No, Gurley does not get all the blame here.

The Atlanta Falcons terrible offensive line get part of the credit as does offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter who hasn’t given Gurley more than eight carries over the last four games.

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Fans can talk about how this is a passing league and that running backs don’t matter much, but the top of the NFL leading rushing board begs to differ. 12 of the top 20 rushing backs in terms of yards are from teams currently in or within a game of the playoffs.

A good rushing back adds another element to an offense that cannot be found from any other position.
Since the Super Bowl run in 1998, the Atlanta Falcons have made the playoffs seven times when having a 1,000 yard running back. The only years that the Falcons did not make playoffs when having a 1,000-yard rusher – 2000, 2005, 2006, and 2015.

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The only year the Falcons made the playoffs since 1998 when they had a running back run for less than 900 yards was in 2019 when Devonta Freeman had 865 yards. So regardless of who is calling plays or catching passes, the Falcons have to have a great run game to be successful.

When you look at the current stable of running backs that get playing time, Gurley, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill, one has to wonder why Qadree Ollison isn’t getting any run. While interim head coach Raheem Morris says that it’s because he struggles in pass protection, we all know that isn’t true given how bad the Falcons have been in that area for a long time.

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Since the Atlanta Falcons aren’t making the playoffs anytime soon and more than likely will not draft a running back in the first round, let’s take a look at three fictional running backs that would be better than the current depth chart at that position. (Since the Falcons haven’t taken this season seriously, why should we?)

Yes, we get it – interim head coach Raheem Morris is under no obligation to do anything but try to win as many games as he can in order to make his next employer trust that he can do the job that he will be hired to do.

Here are three young players that we would like to see over the Atlanta Falcons final three games.

Qadree Ollison
By no means am I ever going to say that I know more about football than any NFL coach, but it sure seems like coming out of college Qadree Ollison was more capable of anything that he is allowed to show here in Atlanta.

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So far in 2020, he has just one carry for three yards.

You would think that a player that was more effective in the short-yardage situation than Leonard Fournette in 2019 would get a better look given that Todd Gurley, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill have not been all that effective in the Falcons run game.

Over the next three games, Ollison should be given an opportunity to show that he can add elements to both the passing and run games and he deserves to be more than inactive on Sundays.

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Matt Gono
Matt Gono was exceptional on Sunday against Joey Bosa – he held one of the league’s best pass rushers to three tackles and no sacks or tackles for loss.

Coming into the season, we wrote several articles about Gono getting a legit look at left guard for the Atlanta Falcons and probably should have gotten more of a chance given how well he played on Sunday.

He seems to have it all – size, hands, footwork and he finally looks comfortable against NFL competition.

The Falcons should be in no rush to hurry Kaleb McGary back if Matt Gono is going to continue to play the way that he did on Sunday. He was far from perfect but he held is own in LA and should get more opportunities over these last three weeks.

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John Cominsky
The second-year man out of Charleston has played very well as a backup in the 10 games that he has appeared in during the 2020 NFL season. John Cominsky isn’t a starter, yet, but as the NFL game has slowed down for him, he has become a very good backup and should start to push for more playing time alongside Grady Jarrett.

The former quarterback turned defensive lineman was a project when the Atlanta Falcons took a chance on him in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft, but he has paid off quickly and could be a great piece for the next several years as the Atlanta Falcons look to turn things around.

If the next staff determines that he is not in their plans, the Falcons should be able to at least flip him for a draft pick as he continues his NFL development – though we would love to see him stay in Atlanta.

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Todd Gurley once was the NFL’s most feared running back. During his first few seasons with the Los Angeles Rams, Gurley established himself as someone who, with one cut, could take any carry for a long distance touchdown.

In 2017, he was the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year. In 2018, he was the engine that drove the Rams’ offensive attack until his left knee began giving him problems late in the season and during the playoff run to the Super Bowl.

Todd Gurley Jersey

Fast forward to the present day, and Gurley since has been released, signed by the Falcons and demoted to a complementary role in a backfield that ranks 29th in the NFL at 93.7 rushing yards per game. Gurley began this season as the Falcons’ lead running back. Of late, he’s been relegated to third-down and red-zone opportunities.

Falcons interim coach Raheem Morris didn’t say that Gurley was unhappy with this late-season development. But Morris did note that Gurley has performed this role well in recent weeks, even if it’s a position he never expected to be in.

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“When you’re particularly in a position like Todd Gurley is in, you’re not going to always like your role,” Morris said. “You don’t have to like it. You just have to execute it. What he’s been able to do the last couple of weeks is go out and execute his role at a high level. Those are the things you have to ask your team when you’re talking about winning football and trying to win football games.

The Atlanta Falcons put up a tough fight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17, but lost, 44-27, cementing their top-four draft selection. After looking at some Falcons who shined during Sunday’s game, here are three players who flamed out in the team’s season finale.

Todd Gurley

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

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Naming Ito Smith as the starting running back seemed to only last a week. Todd Gurley was given the nod for the season finale and put on a very underwhelming performance, which could be the last of his Atlanta Falcons career.

For the day, Gurley totaled 18 yards on nine rushing attempts. Given the success of Brian Hill, you have to question the decision to start Gurley in place of Hill after his 62-yard run that nearly went the distance. Gurley’s time in Atlanta had some highs, like his nine touchdown runs, however, it’s seems unlikely that the team saw enough to re-sign to bring him back. That’s another Rams running back run aground in Atlanta.

Ricardo Allen

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(AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

Allen’s play in the defensive secondary was pretty underwhelming the entire game. Yes, Allen did manage to come up with an interception, but this was due to a deflected ball as the Bucs receiver fell to the ground.

Other than that, Allen allowed multiple big plays that helped add to Tampa Bay’s big day. His bad day was highlighted by two plays. One where he fell to the ground on Antonio Brown’s touchdown reception in the back of the end zone. The other came on Allen’s failed attempt to break up a deep pass hauled in by Chris Godwin.

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This is likely the final time Allen suits up for the Falcons as he is rumored to be one of the several potential cap-causalities.

“The only thing he can do right now is the role he’s been given. Go out and execute it, and he’s done a good job with that in the last couple of weeks.”

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Gurley was scheduled to speak with reporters in a virtual news conference following Friday’s practice, but through a team representative, declined to do so.

This past offseason, Gurley signed a one-year contract worth $5.5 million. He began the season as the Falcons’ lead running back and received a healthy workload. Then, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said the plan was for Gurley to get an average of 15 to 20 touches per game to manage what has been described as an arthritic left knee, which stems from an ACL he tore when he was a junior at Georgia. In the early going of the season, the Falcons gave Gurley the consistent workload he received in his final year with the Rams.

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Over the first five games of the season, Gurley averaged 15.8 carries and 75 rushing yards while totaling five touchdowns. His Week 5 game against the Carolina Panthers was a return to form, with Gurley averaging 8.6 yards per carry en route to 121 yards and a touchdown.

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There’s an old saying that you can tell a lot about who a person is by how they act when no one is looking.

And for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Schaub, he’s played 17 years in the NFL because of the work he does, often when no one else is around.

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When Michael Vick was in the prime of his career in 2004, Schaub was his backup quarterback. And although he would never replace the generational talent as the starting quarterback for the Falcons, Schaub still took pride in preparing as if he was going to get the nod each week.

Schaub replaced Vick only when he was injured but because he was so prepared, the rest of the league took note. Schaub was traded to Houston Texans to become the team’s long-term starter where he ran the show from 2007-13. The Oakland Raiders then traded their 2014 sixth-round pick for Schaub only for him to be benched in favor of rookie Derek Carr.

Falcons Matt Schaub Jersey

That marked the end of Schaub’s career as a starter in the NFL. Although he’s no longer a No. 1 quarterback for a team, he’s still one of the most valuable players to the Falcons’ franchise backing up former NFL MVP Matt Ryan.

Schaub is widely respected in the locker room and by his coaches. His position coach, Greg Knapp, has been working with him since he was first drafted by the Falcons in 2004. Knapp was Schaub’s offensive coordinator during his first stint in Atlanta. The duo reunited in 2018 when Knapp returned to the Falcons’ coaching staff where Schaub was in his third season of his second go-around with the Falcons.

If there’s anyone who can attest to the type of player and man that Schaub is, it’s Knapp.

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“He is my coaching son,” Knapp said. “He and I have a special relationship that I don’t know if I’ll ever match with anyone in the NFL. I love his integrity, his work ethic, his leadership, I love the way he understands his role and maximizes it. It’s so fun to see his work that he put in at a young age has paid off and has served him well to last this long in the NFL which is so hard to do.”

Meet the Atlanta Falcons GM Candidate

Name: Rick Smith

Age: 50

Current role: No current role.

Background: He was the executive vice president of football operations for the Houston Texas from 2012 to 2017. He was general manger from 2006 to 2017.

When interviewed: Friday, December 18, 2020 (Virtually)

Why he makes sense: He took over from Charlie Casserly and was responsible for all aspects of the football operation including the salary cap, which is an issue with the Falcons moving forward. He was with the Denver when they won Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII. He played at Purdue and is from Dayton, Ohio. He drafted potential future Hall of Famers J.J. Watt and D’Andre Hopkins.

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Why he doesn’t: His Texans teams were good, but not great. Houston didn’t draft a franchise quarterback during his tenure. They traded with the Falcons for Matt Schaub and from 2013 to 2017 didn’t have a quarterback. Over 12 seasons, the Texans went to the playoffs just four times and never moved past the division round. Things got messy at the end in Houston between Smith and since fired head coach Bill O’Brien in a power struggle. The Falcons must investigate this issue.

Heading into the final four games of the 2020 season, the last year on his current contract, Schaub understands he’s closer to the end of his football career than the start. Schaub signed a two-year deal worth $3.78 million in March of 2019. Schaub has started one game in his last four years with the Falcons and that came last season against the Seattle Seahawks when Matt Ryan suffered an ankle injury. He threw for 460 yards with one touchdown and one interception in the 27-20 loss.

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At the age of 39, Schaub hasn’t made any decisions as far as what his football career will look like following the season. But he has started to prepare for life after football, including a potential career in broadcasting.

“I don’t know if it will be the path I take, I just know I want to be around the game,” Schaub said.

When Schaub isn’t playing football or spending time with his five kids, he’s been getting broadcast reps in. Shaub does a college football preview segment for FOX 5’s ‘Early Birds’ show every Saturday morning during the season at 8:30 a.m. He also co-hosted a podcast this offseason with Doug Flutie and Meggi Hetzel.

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Where Schaub feels he’s most valuable is his ability to break the game down and help explain things about the game that the audience might not know. He’s as well spoken and articulate as they come, two important qualities to have in broadcasting. His role each week now as a player is to help get Ryan ready, know the game plan in and provide his expertise when needed to his teammates. All traits that directly correlate to how a game broadcast or studio shown is run.

“He’s been a great teammate to me for a long time, incredibly helpful,” Ryan said of his friend and teammate. “He really is another coach in our building for myself in terms of getting me ready, but also helping our wideouts, helping our running backs, helping our offensive line – across the board, he’s been invaluable. I think whatever he chooses to do next and whenever that is, he’s going to do a great job with it. If it happens to be broadcast, he’s as knowledgeable a football player as I’ve been around and understands all sides of the ball, all phases of it, all three levels – up front, in the second level and certainly secondary.”

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Schaub has completed 2,148 passes for 25,467 yards and 136 touchdowns during his career and his experience has proved to be something the Falcons value highly. If Ryan is unable to play at any moment, the organization has full confidence in Schaub.

Not only has Schaub been able to play in the NFL longer than most, the credibility he’s earned by doing that will set him up well if he chooses to pursue a career as a broadcaster or anything for that matter.

“Knowing football and how it’s evolved over the last 17 years since my career started and understanding those things to try to help give the people at home who don’t know the game a better understanding of what is actually taking place,” Schaub said. “What are players are looking for? What are coaches trying to do with the scheme? That to me is so intriguing and something I feel I could be very good at given the right opportunity.”