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The Atlanta Falcons should turn their attention to the young guys on the roster.
Now that the Atlanta Falcons have officially been eliminated from the 2020 NFL playoffs, it is time to that they start looking at the future and start to determine who can help them turn this ship around.

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Obviously, veterans like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Grady Jarrett, and Deion Jones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but what about several other young players on this roster? If the next regime is going to fully evaluate the men on this roster, they should at least have some sort of film.

No, Gurley does not get all the blame here.

The Atlanta Falcons terrible offensive line get part of the credit as does offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter who hasn’t given Gurley more than eight carries over the last four games.

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Fans can talk about how this is a passing league and that running backs don’t matter much, but the top of the NFL leading rushing board begs to differ. 12 of the top 20 rushing backs in terms of yards are from teams currently in or within a game of the playoffs.

A good rushing back adds another element to an offense that cannot be found from any other position.
Since the Super Bowl run in 1998, the Atlanta Falcons have made the playoffs seven times when having a 1,000 yard running back. The only years that the Falcons did not make playoffs when having a 1,000-yard rusher – 2000, 2005, 2006, and 2015.

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The only year the Falcons made the playoffs since 1998 when they had a running back run for less than 900 yards was in 2019 when Devonta Freeman had 865 yards. So regardless of who is calling plays or catching passes, the Falcons have to have a great run game to be successful.

When you look at the current stable of running backs that get playing time, Gurley, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill, one has to wonder why Qadree Ollison isn’t getting any run. While interim head coach Raheem Morris says that it’s because he struggles in pass protection, we all know that isn’t true given how bad the Falcons have been in that area for a long time.

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Since the Atlanta Falcons aren’t making the playoffs anytime soon and more than likely will not draft a running back in the first round, let’s take a look at three fictional running backs that would be better than the current depth chart at that position. (Since the Falcons haven’t taken this season seriously, why should we?)

Yes, we get it – interim head coach Raheem Morris is under no obligation to do anything but try to win as many games as he can in order to make his next employer trust that he can do the job that he will be hired to do.

Here are three young players that we would like to see over the Atlanta Falcons final three games.

Qadree Ollison
By no means am I ever going to say that I know more about football than any NFL coach, but it sure seems like coming out of college Qadree Ollison was more capable of anything that he is allowed to show here in Atlanta.

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So far in 2020, he has just one carry for three yards.

You would think that a player that was more effective in the short-yardage situation than Leonard Fournette in 2019 would get a better look given that Todd Gurley, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill have not been all that effective in the Falcons run game.

Over the next three games, Ollison should be given an opportunity to show that he can add elements to both the passing and run games and he deserves to be more than inactive on Sundays.

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Matt Gono
Matt Gono was exceptional on Sunday against Joey Bosa – he held one of the league’s best pass rushers to three tackles and no sacks or tackles for loss.

Coming into the season, we wrote several articles about Gono getting a legit look at left guard for the Atlanta Falcons and probably should have gotten more of a chance given how well he played on Sunday.

He seems to have it all – size, hands, footwork and he finally looks comfortable against NFL competition.

The Falcons should be in no rush to hurry Kaleb McGary back if Matt Gono is going to continue to play the way that he did on Sunday. He was far from perfect but he held is own in LA and should get more opportunities over these last three weeks.

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John Cominsky
The second-year man out of Charleston has played very well as a backup in the 10 games that he has appeared in during the 2020 NFL season. John Cominsky isn’t a starter, yet, but as the NFL game has slowed down for him, he has become a very good backup and should start to push for more playing time alongside Grady Jarrett.

The former quarterback turned defensive lineman was a project when the Atlanta Falcons took a chance on him in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft, but he has paid off quickly and could be a great piece for the next several years as the Atlanta Falcons look to turn things around.

If the next staff determines that he is not in their plans, the Falcons should be able to at least flip him for a draft pick as he continues his NFL development – though we would love to see him stay in Atlanta.

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